My face is my data
Right now, authorities are using face recognition technology. This directly violates human rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and international treaties. Face recognition technology allows you to track people without their consent in real time, correlate them with digital profiles, that is, it is illegal to conduct surveillance around the clock. At any time when we attend a peaceful civil protest, gather in a place of religious worship, visit a doctor, or go to university.
About us
We do not just believe in victory, we believe that you and I have no second chance. After losing this battle, we completely fall into total surveillance and digital dictatorship
Personal data is protected by the Constitution, their use without the consent of a citizen is illegal
Personal data
Technology accuracy
The accuracy of the technology varies depending on gender, age and race, the error reaches 35%
Total control
Additional control over citizens leads to the effect of the "Big Brother"
Data storage
Photos of innocent citizens are stored in one database with photos of criminals
Why it is important
Access to personal data
They know everything about us, our personal lives and our children. We do not know anything about them.
No one is protected
Bases can go to black markets and to the network. You are not protected from blackmail, fraud, extortion, harassment
Our goals
To prohibit the massive use of facial recognition systems in public spaces.
To develop bills that prohibit the police and authorities at various levels from using face recognition technology to fully monitor us.
To conduct a broad public campaign to inform citizens about the systems of total surveillance and harassment by the authorities and large corporations.
To introduce a system of control over the collection and storage and processing of data. To develop and introduce sanctions for data leakage from government systems in relation to officials.
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